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About the Family Business Man

Before you dig in, let me answer the question that’s on most people’s lips…
Why are you banging on about family businesses?  Watch the short video for Peter's answer.


What Is The Family Business Man?

The Family Business Man is the place where all generations in a family firm can get tried-and-tested business development advice and strategy.

In short, we’re here to help your business achieve sustainable, long-term success – the kind of success that enhances (not undermines) your family life.
You can get started HERE. This page contains our most popular video blogs on the subjects that matter most to family business owners.
The internet doesn’t need yet another ‘business advice’ website!
However, the Family Business Man is different…
You see family businesses operate in a unique way.
They’re not the same as corporates or companies where family members don’t work together.
  For example:
  • Your reasons and motivations are very different to your corporate peers. You’ll make different decisions and be influenced by different factors
  • The relationships between family members are critical. They must be carefully managed – or they’ll undermine your firm’s success
  • Succession planning is likely front of mind – because you want a legacy to pass to the next generation
Unless you’ve worked in a family business, these subtle differences can be tricky to spot and even harder to understand.
As a result, the ‘family factor’ is often overlooked and is the reason generic business development advice rarely works for companies like yours. Trust me when I say your bank manager doesn’t understand. And neither does that corporate consultant…
But we do…
We really understand family businesses
I’m Peter Roper – the Family Business Man.
As a business development coach (that specialises in family firms), I’m here to help you build a successful business that enhances your family’s life.
I’ve been running family businesses for the last 19 years. Prior to that I was a ‘corporate’ consultant responsible for a seven-figure success story at Arval UK.
I’m also the Editor-In-Chief of the Family Business Owner magazine, a past president of the Professional Speakers Association, an award-winning speaker, and the best selling author of three books. 
So you see I ‘get’ the ‘family factor’ and the key role it plays in your success.
I also understand what’s important to you:
  1. Managing your relationship dynamics so you can create success at home and at work
  2. Resolving the generational differences when the children want different things to their parents
  3. Sensitive succession planning to help ensure children can take over a secure business when parents are ready to step back
And I’m committed to helping where I can, because family businesses matter…
Here’s an overview of what you can expect for investing your time with The Family Business Man
  • Practical business development advice that’s tailored specifically for the needs of family businesses
  • Tips to unleash the huge competitive edge that’s inherent within your family-run firm
  • Ideas to create a succession plan that works for each generation of your family
  • Tried-and-tested tactics for making more sales, boosting your profits, and finding more customers
  • Strategies to help you create the successful family business that you truly desire (whatever that means to you)
To get started, please download my five-minute business development strategy. It’s free!
Tried-and-trusted advice built around Five Keys
All the advice you’ll find on this site, links back to the Five Keys – this is my model for a successful family business:
  1. Reason: Know why you do what you do and recognize this may be different for each member of your family
  2. Reputation: Embrace your family ties and use this as an asset to grow your business, find more customers, and build a strong brand
  3. Results: Implement processes and systems to create the financial rewards and family lifestyle that caused you to go into business in the first place
  4. People: Create high performing relationships with your family, staff, suppliers, and customers
  5. Presentation: Maximise your visibility through effective marketing
To discover how to get these five keys working for your family business, check out my Family Business Development Toolkit.
What to do next
Now that you’re here, I encourage you to make the most of the resources available – especially if you’re committed to creating a happier, more profitable family business:
  1. Download the five-minute business development strategy – it’s the perfect start point to kick-start your success
  2. Check out our most popular video blogs, which address some of the key challenges, issues, and topics which matter most to family businesses
  3. Subscribe to Peppermint Wednesday – a weekly, short video blog packed with tips, ideas, and advice to help your family business succeed and grow
And remember… ‘If I can help you in any way, just let me know.’ I always respond personally to emails and I’d be very happy to help.
Here’s to YOUR success.


Peter Roper “The Family Business Man!”
Award Winning Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Business Strategist, Publisher and Past President of the Professional Speaking Association
P.S. and remember ..."If I Can Help You In Any Way, Just Let Me Know!"
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