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Seven essential questions for family business development

Why not fast track your success, avoid some of the common pitfalls, and get clarity on what you need to do to create the business you really want?

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Development programmes for your family business

These are just some of the many programmes I deliver on behalf of my clients – if you have a need there is probably a programme for it and, if not with me, then one of several close associates I have that I can recommend personally.

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I usually know someone who can help… 

Introducing a Business Development Programme Exclusively for Family Business Owners

When your family business is achieving its goals (and its profits are fuelling your perfect family lifestyle), it’s the best feeling in the world.
But as you well know, it’s not easy to build a successful family business. The journey is bumpy – you may be experiencing an inevitable blip right now – it could be the very reason you’re reading this page…
For example: 
  • You may be wondering how you’re going to ‘fill your fridge’ and give your family the things they want and need
  • You may struggle with your work-life balance – and feel guilty for neglecting your family, your business, or both
  • A pressing problem may lead to overwhelm – because you lack the knowledge or experience to take remedial steps
  • Sales may be slow and you’re not sure how to kick-start your sales funnel
  • Challenging family relationships could have a detrimental effect far beyond the business
  • You may be exceptionally busy, but trade isn’t profitable
Alternatively, your pressing challenge could be something positive.
For example, you may want to expand into new markets, scale without breaking, or expand your team – but feel unsure how to take the next steps to maximise the opportunity.
Regardless of the challenge you face, family business development can help you formulate a clear plan and guide you to take the actions necessary to achieve the results you want.

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