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Welcome to the very first issue of my video business blog

Each week I answer a question about family business which invariably revolves around one of my five keys to family business; this week we are looking at the first of the five keys which is reason.  

The Question: “I don’t want to be in the family business!”

This is a second generation question from someone who has been working inside the family business, which mum and dad started some years ago, and they’ve been part of it since they were several years old!

Fred, who has been in the family business since his 20s has realised that he wants to be doing something else. The problem is that his parents don’t really understand, so what does he do?

The Answer: In short my thoughts are below but to get the true meaning of these simply watch the video - it’s never more than five minutes long. Go on - you know you want to!  

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